The delivery will be possible within a day from 30.03 to 05.04. Please ask a manager about other details.

Delivery city:  

8 800 5555-714

Call center number
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Addresses of salons

    Company departments

    Sergey Semenov
    Kirill Konovalov

    Bank details

    For payment in Rubles

    «Tri tsveta» limited liability company
    457040, 91 «A» Sovetskaya street,
    Chelyabinsk region, Yuzhnouralsk
    Transaction account: 40702810490470000782
    In «Chelyabinvestbank» ПAO
    Correspondent account: 30101810400000000779
    Tax reference number: 7424026044
    Registration event code: 742401001
    PSRN: 1087424000916
    Bank identification code: 047501779

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